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Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tour Company: Excellent Service, Safety and Reputation

Hawaiian Helicopter Tour Company is the largest aerial tour provider on the islands. They have been providing superior quality and safety to their customers since their inception over 27 years ago. Their award winning company has even been endorsed by “National Geographic”, which called them the “premiere helicopter tour company” in Hawaii. The great thing about their tours is that it’s easy to miss some of the most beautiful sights on the islands if you are stuck on the ground, but from the air you get to see everything.
Blue Hawaiian utilizes a state-of-the-art fleet of helicopters, including the American Eurocopter EC130 Eco-Star, which is considered the most advanced helicopter made for touring in the world. These amazing helicopters feature a large interior, more glass for a better view, a 50% noise reduction, and more shoulder room than the A-Star standard touring helicopter. Every customer gets BOSEĀ® noise-canceling headsets that also allow communications with the pilot during flight. There’s also a 4-camera digital recording system installed on each Eco-Star that records the flight, which is available for purchase on DVD when your tour is over. These modern helicopters also feature theater seating in the back row for an enhanced viewing experience. Many people say that the seating and accommodations on the Eco-Star reminds them of first-class seating on an airliner. They began using these Eco-Stars in 2000 after spending around four years developing them with American Eurocopter. For some of their tours they also utilize the less luxury-minded, but still comfortable A-Star helicopters, which are all purchased by Blue Hawaiian when they are new to ensure maximum safety and security.

The most popular aerial tour Blue Hawaiian offers is called the “Circle of Fire plus Waterfalls’, which features the amazing active Lilauea volcano and costs under $200. There is also the “West Maui Mountains” tour, which takes you over the rainforests and the amazingly breathtaking waterfalls contained there. There are also tours available of Oahu and Kauai, which feature all of the most famous and beautiful sights located on those two islands, including the North Shore, Waikiki Beach, Pearl Harbor, Na Pali coast, Kalalau Valley, Waimea Canyon, and much, much more. They even have the option to set up your own tour by renting one of their helicopters for a private charter.
Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tour Company is world-renowned for its service, comfort, and aerial tours, having been named “The Cadillac of helicopter tour companies” for 17 years in a row by Frommer’s Hawaii and FAA’s “Diamond Certificate of Excellence” for 15 years running. They have also done the aerial photography for numerous Hollywood hits over the years because they are trusted above all other tour companies to get the job done safely and in style. Seeing Hawaii from the ground is amazing, but seeing it from the seat of a luxurious Blue Hawaiian helicopter is something you will never forget for the rest of your life. If you are planning on touring one of the Hawaiian islands from the sky, then Blue Hawaiian is definitely the way to go. Their tours are affordable, comfortable, and their safety is unmatched in the industry.